The online leader for official DragQueen merchandise stores


DragQueenMerch offers a turnkey solution to drag queens to be able to have an online merchandise store with no up front costs. Our team has 20+ years in the licensed entertainment merchandise business and we will help you create a successful merchandise business. We do all the work, build your web portal, manage the website, absorb all hosting costs, enhancements, etc and we will even do the artwork for you if you need help in that area. We stock the product, do the production, ship the merchandise and handle all aspects of the process. By the end of the first week of each month we will send you a royalty report outlining your sales and profits along with money. During the month we email you all orders as they come in for you to see and track.

You’re all in cost is ZERO; we share in the profit with the majority percentage going to the Queen.