Divine Official Enterprises

Divine Official Enterprises, LLC

Divine Official Enterprises, LLC presents the Divine Mini Museum. An exhibit devoted to the first drag superstar. The Divine Mini Museum will feature Divine’s iconic white dress from The Neon Woman as well as personal items and family heirlooms including Divine’s high school diploma, family photos and more. Exclusive merchandise will also be available for sale. Divine is more popular now than ever and has achieved a worldwide iconic status rarely seen. Divine Official Enterprises, LLC has been established to perpetuate the legacy of Divine through its creative and licensing efforts. “I know my cousin Divine would have been thrilled to see the continued interest in his persona,” remarked Donna Cocco, Chief Financial Officer of Divine Official Enterprises, LLC. “Divine is such a unique and interesting persona” said Noah Brodie, Chief Executive Officer of Divine Official Enterprises, LLC. “I’m excited to be working with Divine’s family.” Divine has become an enduring icon of global popular culture. People magazine described Divine as the “Drag Queen of the Century”. Divine died in 1988 of an enlarged heart in Los Angeles, California.