Have you picked your outfit yet?!?

What are you waiting for, y’all? Planning your outfit is one of the most important parts of RuPaul’s Drag Con NYC!

You know what else is important? Being completely and totally prepared for which queens you wanna meet, panels you wanna see, and merchandise you want to buy.

That’s why we talked to Farrah Moan and got ALLLLL the T about how long it takes to get ready, how the East & West coast differ, and SO MUCH MORE!

Check out our interview with Farrah Moan below and be sure to snatch up your DragCon tickets NOW if you haven’t yet!

How long does it take you to get ready for DragCon?

“I actually spend a few weeks getting everything ready including wardrobe and booth decorations, but actually getting ready in the morning for DragCon is pretty quick!”

How does the West Coast differ from the East Coast in your opinion? Either with the Drag, the fans, or both?

“Honestly, I haven’t spent enough time on the east coast to really know but I can say I’m super excited to meet everyone!”

Who are YOU excited to meet at DragCon NYC?

“I can’t wait to meet the local NYC artists, designers, and drag performers!”

What items do you HAVE to have in your purse/bag/bra to survive DragCon?

“Lip gloss and a pack of Marlboro lights. :P”

What do YOU always buy/stock up on while you’re at DragCon?

“I’m a sucker for jewelry and accessories… and of course, makeup!”

What advice would you give to someone who is attending DragCon NYC for the first time?

“Bring money to shop with. The shopping is unlike anything in the world. Save up your money so you can shop! The first time I went I was broke and was soooo sad I couldn’t get any of the sparkly stuff.”


[Image provided to The WOW Report via Farrah Moan.]

Written By: Chelsea Perrotty