Hey VIP, you are already know you are smart cookie for grabbing your tickets early! (Those perks!!!)

If you haven’t gotten your DragCon LA tickets yet, you may want to snatch those VIP tickets now as they are almost gone! The VIP perks are UNREAL! VIPs get 3 extra hours at DragCon LA. It’s like magic hour at Disneyland but way more glamorous and filled with ALL your favorite queens!

You’ll get 10% off merch and the World of Wonder booth, a VIP lounge with a cash bar, hennie!!!! You get some AH-MAZING swag like a DragCon LA Tote, hoodie, enamel pin, button, lanyard, and a patch!

If that wasn’t enough – you get a special, exclusive performance by Trixie Mattel during Preview Night’s VIP hours!

Let’s take a look at some of Trixie Mattel’s best tracks, OKUR?!

Also, let’s not forget her UNPLUGGED performance last fall in the WOW PRESENTS SPACE:

You won’t want to miss Trixie Mattel’s exclusive performance.

So snatch your VIP tickets to DragCon LA now! Only a few are left!


Content via Youtube.

Written by: Sarah Barenberg