How freaking EXCITED are we to introduce you to your new favorite app. Well, okay, you might not be convinced yet, but trust us, we’ll convince you.

Today we’ve officially launched our brand spankin’ new streaming service called WOW Presents Plus. So, what exactly is WOW Presents Plus?

WOW Presents Plus puts the best of our Youtube channel, WOW’s library of content, and new original series all in one new service!

By subscribing, you can watch BRAND NEW EPISODES of your favorite shows like Bro’Laska and M.U.G., classics like UNHhhh, then switch over to new shows from Bob the Drag Queen, Detox, & MORE.

But that’s not all… World of Wonder has a long history of making everything from television shows to documentaries to boundary-pushing content that will make you go… WOW.

You can go from watching Divine David Presents to Grab to The Last Beekeeper to Miss Navajo and seriously SO many other informative and interesting documentaries!

Seriously, what are you waiting for? Head on over to and subscribe! Your first 30 days are FREE and it’s only 3.99 a month after that! Or you can go BIG (or go home!) and get a whole entire year for $39.99, which saves you 15%!

What are you waiting for? Everyone’s talking about WOW Presents Plus, so why not see what it’s got to offer YOU!

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Get your LIFE and subscribe to WOW Presents Plus right NOW!