Can you even believe we’ve made it this far?

RuPaul’s DragCon NYC 2017 is SO freakin’ close! Have you planned your outfit? Do you know which queens you wanna meet? Are you ready to have the best weekend of life?!? We sure as hell are!

In order to prepare for the first ever DragCon in New York City, we got alllllllll the T from Jade Sotomayor about advice for your first time at the convention, East vs. West Coast, & SO much more!

So to pass the time until DragCon NYC 2017 gets here, why not read this EXCLUSIVE interview with Jade Sotomayor!

How long does it take you to get ready for DragCon?

“It’s about an hour… 40 min makeup, 20 to dress up.”

How does the West Coast differ from the East Coast in your opinion? Either with the Drag, the fans, or both?

“Well the west coast has really opened there arms up for me the past decade. Not to knock the east coast at all because the times I was there I was treated exceptionally. I’m excited to come to NY and really get a feel for everyone I havent had a chance to meet and kiki with.”

Who are YOU excited to meet at DragCon NYC?

“To be honest, I’m taking time to go see Mama Ru. It’s been years I have exchanged words or given her a hug.”

What items do you HAVE to have in your purse/bag/bra to survive DragCon?

“Powder puff, lip gloss, fan and a sharpie.”

What do YOU always buy/stock up on while you’re at DragCon?

“My sister’s merch lol.”

What advice would you give to someone who is attending DragCon NYC for the first time?

“Breathe and take it all in. It’s a lot!!! Bask in the glory of all the different types of drag. Most importantly enjoy the love there. It’s the only place I have ever been where it’s full of LGBT and straight people all together with such an amazing vibe.

No hate, all love and acceptance for one another. It’s truly amazing.”

[Image provided to The WOW Report via Jade Sotomayor.]

Written By: Chelsea Perrotty