RuPaul’s DragCon NYC Weekend Guide

Preparing for RuPaul’s DragCon NYC

  1. Print your ticket at home before you leave for Javits or downloaded to your phone!
  2. Get your schedule set! Check out the Panel and Signing schedules before you arrive, and know where you want to be when! (Panel & Signing schedule will be released closer to DragCon NYC).
  3. Know your way around. Download the floor map before the show.
  4. Read our Harassment Policy! No shade allowed! DragCon is a love fest! If you see or feel like someone is bothering you (or being inappropriate), tell a DragCon staff member or security right away! Remember kids, Drag Is Not Consent! Ask before you snap a photo.
  1. Bring your phone’s charging cable. If you need to top off, stop by a Jeffree Star Charging Station. You don’t wanna miss any amazing photo opportunities!
  2. Bring cash! Many of our fabulous exhibitors take credit cards, but because of all the people Tweeting and Instagramming, it can slow down processing. So don’t miss out on that amazing shade of lipstick or that Exclusive DragCon Enamel Pin!
  3. If you are traveling in a group or with small kids, set a meeting point in case you get lost. Good choices are the DragCon Lounge, the World of Wonder DragCon booth, or at the entrance of Hall 3E. Phones do die on the show floor. Don’t get lost!


  1. Avoid the lines by getting your badge on Friday. You can do early badge pick up Friday from 2-8pm in hall 1C. Otherwise, plan on arriving at the convention as early as possible to avoid long lines. We want you to spend your time at DragCon meeting Queens, shopping, and seeing panels.
  2. Bring your ticket to guest registration in Hall 1C. We will scan the ticket and hand you a badge and lanyard to wear for the duration of DragCon.
  1. VIP badge holders have a separate line in the Crystal Palace where you can redeem your VIP bag and badge.
  2. We encourage all attendees to use alternative travel options – take the MTA that’s located right across the street from the Javits Center! Carpool with your squirrel friends! You’ll save on parking and have more cash to shop! The Javits Center doesn’t have a parking lot. You can cut out the hassle by buying a parking space through ParkWhiz!


  1. If you have something special you want signed, bring it! Or buy exclusive merch at the World of Wonder DragCon booth or from the Queens!
  2. Shoes! Heels will be a plenty. But remember heels hurt after awhile. Try to wear comfortable shoes, or bring some with you. You’re gonna be doing a ton of walking!
  3. Come in Drag (whatever that means to you)! It’s not mandatory, but will make for great photo ops!
  4. Don’t forget to stop by the World of Wonder DragCon booth for amazing exclusives!
  1. Because there will be random bag checks at DragCon NYC, it’s best to pack as light as possible. No bags larger than a purse are allowed on the show floor or in the registration area.
  2. You’ll be given a DragCon program guide with your badge. The program guide will have the panel schedule, autograph times, and other useful info!
  3. Share your DragCon experience with your friends who couldn’t make it! Use #DragCon on your social media posts.
  4. Support those who support DragCon, visit our vendors and get some of the hottest merch!