RuPaul’s DragCon is the one place where you get to really connect with tons of your favorite Drag Queens. The panels are just one element of DragCon that allows engagement between the stars and their super-fans.

Some of the panels at DragCon are filmed and uploaded to YouTube but what you’re missing by just watching the videos online is the chance to be pulled up on stage and be made a part of the experience! Ask questions and get answers you’ve been dying to know. OH! And human interaction! Sitting in on the panels is a chance to put your phone down and engage with some of the most creative, talented, funny, smart, and BEAUTIFUL people on this planet! You’ve seen them on your TV screen, now is the chance to get up close and personal!

Of course, it’s not possible for EVERYONE who wants to be there to be there, but if you have the chance to be at DragCon on May 11,12, and 13th, you do not want to miss out on attending some panels.

If you’re headed to DragCon LA, check out the panels page to start mapping out your DragCon plan of attack!

OH! And for the love of all that is drag, DO. NOT. MISS. RU’S. KEY. NOTE. You will literally have a spiritual awakening!

Are you convinced yet?! Get your tickets ASAP!