The WOWie Awards – honoring the best of the best of social media, pop culture, and all the things that made us go WOW in 2017 – were announced yesterday, and this year there are MORE categories! MORE nominees! and MORE GLAMOOOOOOUR than EVER BEFORE! Did your faves get nominated? Find out below!

Voting begins RIGHT NOW…

Best Blog or Website AKA The Dear Electronic Diary Award

Best Youtube Channel AKA She Be on the Interwebs Huney Award

Best Twitter AKA Best Use of 140 errr 280 Characters

WORST Twitter Award aka WORST Use of 140/280 Characters

Best Instagram AKA Insta Scroll Stopper


Social Influencer AKA the Look What You Made Me Do Award

Resistor of the Year AKA the Power to The People Award

Best Drag Looks AKA the Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous Award

People That Inspire Us AKA The Wind Beneath My Wings Award

Fiercest Party People AKA The Dance The Night Away Award

Best Judy AKA Best Squirrel Friend Award

WOWlebrity on the Rise AKA the Look at Her Award

Best Lips AKA the Pucker Up Award

Best Drag Queen Music Video

Best Earworm AKA Can’t Get You Out Of My Head Award

Best Podcast AKA the Tea Spillin’ Award

Best LGBTQ Comedian AKA the LMAO Award

Best Reaction AKA the Serving Face Award

Top Things We Love To Hate AKA The Unexpectedly Fab Award

LOL Moment of 2017

Hottest Instagram AKA My Insta Bae Award

Best Meme/GIF AKA the ‘I Gotta Send This To Everyone’ Award

Best Red Carpet Looks AKA Slayin’ The Carpet

Surprising Political Voices AKA the Look Who’s Political Now Award

Kiki With Conservatives Award

ANNNNNNDDDD the actual WOWIE Awards Show will be live-streamed from the WOW gallery the evening of December 7th! Stay tuned for more details as they become available!


Written By: James St. James